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Why is MIS not allowed on certain scrips?

Our Risk Management System (RMS) team blocks MIS orders for certain scrips. This means that you can place only CNC orders on these scrips. Here are the reasons why this is usually done:

  1. If there's a lack of liquidity in the scrip or if the scrip is on a lower Price Band .
  2. Based on our internal criteria, if a scrip which isn't traded as a contract (Futures & Options) falls under a high volatile range continuously, we don't allow MIS on the scrip until the volatility subsides.
  3. Scrips which have a higher VAR margin.
  4. Scrip which fall under the Trade to Trade category.
  5. Scrip which fall under ASM or GSM categories.
  6. Scrips which come under the exchange's list of Unsolicited SMS .

A consolidated list of scrips which are blocked or allowed by RMS has been added under utilities on the Downloads & Resources page.

This list is constantly updated. You can use this to keep track of scrips blocked by our RMS team, or have moved into GSM, ASM or have undergone a series change.


This list will be purely based on the discretion of the RMS team.