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How do I update my financial proofs at Zerodha?

To update your financial proofs please click here and follow the steps mentioned below.

Select the income range > 2. Upload the income proof > 3. Enter the password if the file is password protected.

Update financials

Any one of the below documents will be accepted as income proof -

  1. Bank statement for the last 6 months with an average balance of more than ₹10,000. (Statement must be in the name of the Zerodha account holder.)
  2. The latest salary slip with gross monthly income exceeding ₹15,000.
  3. ITR acknowledgement with gross annual income exceeding ₹1,20,000.
  4. Form 16 with gross annual income exceeding ₹1,20,000.
  5. Certificate of net worth more than ₹10,00,000.
  6. Statement of demat holdings with current holdings value exceeding ₹10,000.

You can upload a soft copy of any one of the above-mentioned income proofs in PDF, JPG, JPEG & PNG formats only.

As brokers, Zerodha is required to collect financial proof from all clients intending to trade in the derivatives segment (including Commodity derivatives). You can refer to this annexure from SEBI.

Such financial proofs are to be reviewed periodically as per exchange guidelines .


  1. If you are uploading a pdf please ensure that you enter the password in the 'File password' field. Alternatively, you can use this website to remove password protection and upload the file without a password.
  2. You will not be able to upload multiple files as proof. You have to either upload a .zip file containing the multiple proof files or merge the pdfs and upload a single file. Refer to this article to know more.

Once you submit your financial proof, the upload status will show as pending. It will be sent for review to our verification team. The status will show as pending until the verification has been completed. If you upload multiple times, the latest document uploaded will override the previous uploads.

We will be sending the approval or rejection status via SMS and E-mail. If the financial proof you have uploaded is rejected, you will have to re-upload another financial proof here .