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Why is the error "Segments cannot be enabled online for your account. Please initiate request offline." displayed?

The error Segments cannot be enabled online for your account. Please initiate request offline is displayed for non-individual, NRI and minor account holders.

  • Non-individual: Non-individual account holders can enable segments offline by following these steps:
    1. Print the segment addition form (PDF).
    2. Fill out the form and sign.
    3. Courier the segment addition form and an income proof 1 to:
      153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
      Opp. Clarence Public School,
      Bengaluru - 560078

Non-individual account holders must add the seal and signature of the authorised person on the segment addition form and the income proof. Company sample copy (PDF). HUF sample copy (PDF).

To enable currency segment, courier the signed RBI declaration form (PDF) along with the segment addition form and income proof 1 . To learn more about the RBI declaration form, see How to submit the currency declaration form to trade in the currency segment?

  • NRI: NRI clients require a CP code to trade in F&O. ¬†Zerodha has partnered with Orbis to provide custodial services. To learn more about Orbis, visit For assistance with obtaining the CP code, create a ticket.
  • Minors: Minor account holders cannot enable F&O as they cannot place intraday and F&O orders.


1: Income proof can be any of the following:

  • The latest six months' bank statement or passbook of the company account.
  • The latest year audited profit and loss statement.
  • The latest year Income Tax Return (ITR) acknowledgement.
  • Net-worth certificate from the chartered accountant with the UDIN number specified.
  • DP holding statement of the entity.