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How to enable device lock on mobile?

Using third-party apps to lock the device may cause issues with Kite app login. Ensure that the device is locked using the device settings.

As per new regulatory requirements (PDF), along with the password, all trading account access must be secured with an additional authentication factor such as a Time-based OTP or device lock such as fingerprint, face ID, and device PIN or password. In line with this regulation, device lock needs to be enabled if the client wants to use the Kite app. Once the password and PIN are entered to log in to Kite App, click on Enable now to enable the device lock. This is a one-time process.

To enable a device lock on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Security & LockScreen.
  3. Select from Screen lock, Fingerprint and Face unlock.
  4. Select pattern, PIN or password if the fingerprint option is selected.
  5. Tap on anyone, for example Fingerprint + PIN.
  6. Enter the PIN and verify it by re-entering the PIN again.
  7. Tap on Next.
  8. Put your finger on the sensor and record the fingerprint.
  9. Tap on Done.

To learn how to enable device lock across Android, visit

To learn how to enable device lock on iOS, visit

Did you know? The device lock (biometric, pattern or PIN) is accessed from the mobile directly. The Kite app (Zerodha) does not store this information.