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How do I log into Console as a NOW user?

If you are using NOW and need to place withdrawal requests, check your ledger, reports etc, you'll have to log in to Console (back-office).

You would have received your user ID and password on your registered Email from the ID [email protected] in February 2018.

Visit and click on the 'Login with Kite' option. Once you do, you will see the below message displayed to you.

Note : If you have an 8 digit client ID (ex- NCDV0000, HODR0000) you won't be able to log in to Console, You'll get an error stating - 'User not synced'. You have to create a ticket below, and we will generate a 6 digit client ID for you, after which you'll be able to log in to Console.

Click on the link to and you will get an option to log in. Enter the user ID and password that you have received on your email address to log in. (If you don't have the email with the credentials, you can still click on 'forgot password' and reset your password and continue with the process)

Once you do, you'll have to set answers to Five 2FA security questions and click on Submit, and you'll be prompted to answer any 2 of this every time you try to login in the future.

Once you do, log in again and set a new password of your own. Enter the password sent by us on your email id as the 'Old password' and set your own password by entering it in the 'New password'.

Once you set your own password, visit and log in using Kite.