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Why are stocks gifted to me not visible in my holdings?

You will not be able to see stocks gifted to you if the process to gift stocks has not been fully completed. Some common mistakes are listed below:

  1. The sender has not completed the CDSL OTP verification .
  2. The sender has completed the OTP verification after the cut-off time (8 PM). In such cases, the stocks gifted will not move to the receiver’s account. The sender can re-do the verification on the next day. Gifted stocks are transferred to the receiver if the OTP verification is done before 8 PM on a working day.
  3. Stocks under the lock-in or safe keep status cannot be gifted. Gift transactions involving such locked-in stocks will fail.
  4. On gifting multiple stocks, the OTP verification has to be completed for each stock. If some of the stocks are not moved to you from a list of multiple stocks, the sender will need to perform the verification for the stocks which have been missed.

Check out this video walkthrough of the gifting process to learn more.