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  • Account Opening (27)

    Account opening related queries
  • General (47)

    For general queries.
  • Kite (5)

    Kite is our inhouse HTML 5 web trading platform. It is fast, effective and simple to use.
  • Mutual Funds (32)

    From its inception, Zerodha has aimed towards making the markets more accessible and understandable for all. Trading Futures and Options is an active form of wealth creation, whereas investing in equity or mutual funds is a passive form of wealth creation. To be a holistic investor, one needs to have both long-term and short-term goals. Like all investments, mutual funds also carry certain risks so as an investor you should compare the risks and expected yields after adjustment of tax on various instruments while taking investment decisions. We’ve attempted to demystify mutual funds for you with the FAQs presented below.
  • Nest Plus (21)

    This category deals with the various options available within Nest Plus. We have covered topics like installation, registration, use, etc.
  • Pi - Advanced Trading Platform (35)

    Pi is Zerodha's proprietary trading platform which has been developed with the goal of having no barriers for trading. It has all the features you could expect in a modern trading platform. Check out
  • Trading @ Zerodha (61)

    The small things you need to know while trading at Zerodha
  • Zerodha Trader/Web/Mobile (55)

    All queries related to Zerodha Trader, Web, and Mobile platforms.

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