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What are call and trade charges?

A charge of ₹50 + 18% GST is levied when clients call Zerodha to place, modify, or cancel an order or when positions are squared off by Zerodha due to margin shortfall. This charge is known as call and trade charge.

A charge of ₹50 + 18% GST, known as call and trade (auto square off) charge, is levied when intraday positions (MIS and CO) are not closed before the square off time and Zerodha has closed the position.

The square off time is as follows:

Segment Square off time
Equity 3:20 PM
Equity F&O 3:25 PM
CDS 4:45 PM
MCX 25 minutes before the market close.

The square off time is subject to change and is updated on

As per Zerodha’s policy, a maximum of 30,000 quantities per order are auto squared off to avoid price volatility in the instrument. Positions with higher quantities will be squared off in multiple orders and multiple auto square off charges will be applicable.

Example scenario

Assume 1,00,000 quantities need to be squared off. They will be squared off in the following manner:

Order Quantity
1st Order 30,000
2nd Order 30,000
3rd Order 30,000
4th Order 10,000

Call and trade (auto square off) charge will be ₹200 (₹50 * 4) + 18% GST.

For F&O, the maximum quantity allowed to be auto squared off in one order is the quantity freeze limit. The quantity freeze file can be downloaded from the NSE website (WEB).