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Why did Zerodha square off my position?

Zerodha may close your position in the following scenarios -

1. You have a CO or MIS position which you haven't closed even after the designated square off time.

Typically, the intra-day auto square off timings are:

Particular Equity/Cash Equity Derivatives Currency Derivatives Commodities
Auto square off time 3:20 PM 3:25 PM 4:45 PM 25 minutes before Close

2. You have a position where you have not maintained the required margins . You will be sent a margin call SMS and if you don't bring in the required funds, your position may be squared off at the discretion of our RMS team.

3. If your MTM losses exceed 50% your position can be squared off.

4. Pledged shares are squared off in case of a drop in the value of shares or loss in collateral margins.

5. Your open positions can be squared off if you place an unpledge request for your pledged shares but don't have adequate cash balance.

Note: Auto square-off (Call and trade) charges of Rs 50(+GST) apply for each order squared-off by our system. It is recommended that you close your open intraday positions before the above mentioned time.