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I’m not able to buy a stock on Kite even though its trading on the exchange?

This issue occurs when a particular scrip has been moved from one series to another, and an order is placed in a series the stock isn’t currently trading in.

When you’re trying to place an order for such stocks, you’ll get this error:“RMS: Lt rate not found for rule: Check price based on LTP for Buy and Sell Orders for entity account-[ID]across exchange across segment across product”

If you’re facing the above issue, you have to check which series/group the stock is trading in by checking on NSE or BSE website.

For Example - if Apex Frozen Foods was moved from BE series to EQ - and is trading as a stock in the EQ series. You can verify this by checking on the NSE website under the ‘series’ header.

If you place an order in APEX-BE from the trading terminal, the order will get rejected & the above error will be displayed. You can resolve this by placing the order in the current series under which the stock is trading, which in this example, APEX-EQ is shown as just APEX in the market watch.

For more information on the various stock groups - refer to this article .