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Why are clients unable to buy a stock on Kite even if it is trading on the exchange?

This issue occurs when a particular scrip has been moved from one series to another, and an order is placed in a series the stock isn’t currently trading in. To learn more about different series, see What do the different groups on NSE and BSE mean?

If an order is placed for such stocks, this error message will be displayed: RMS: Lt rate not found for rule: Check price based on LTP for Buy and Sell Orders for entity account-[ID]across exchange across segment across product

Example scenario

If Apex Frozen Foods was moved from the BE series to EQ and is trading as a stock in the EQ series. This can be checked on the NSE website by searching for the instrument.

If an order is placed in APEX-BE, the order will be rejected, and the above-mentioned error will be displayed. This can be resolved by placing the order in the current series under which the stock is trading i.e. placing an order in APEX instead of APEX-BE.