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What are IPFT charges?

NSE created the Investor Protection Fund Trust (IPFT) to make up for investors' claims when defaulters' assets are not enough to cover the claims. The fund also focuses on promoting investor education, awareness, and research.

IPFT charges are levied on all trades executed on NSE and are levied separately but included under exchange transaction charges in the contract note. The IPFT charges are as follows:

Segment Charges
NSE Equity and NSE futures ₹10 per crore of traded value + 18% GST (PDF).
NSE Equity options ₹50 per crore of premium value for NSE Equity options + 18% GST (PDF).
NSE Currency ₹2 per lakh of premium value for options and 0.5 per lakh of the traded value for futures + 18% GST (PDF).