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Why have I been charged brokerage even though I have taken delivery trades in Equity in Zerodha?

Zerodha does not charge for Equity delivery (CNC) trades. The brokerage is zero. However, if you have selected the CNC product type and bought and sold the shares on the same day during the market hours , it will be considered an intraday trade(MIS), and intraday brokerage will be charged on your trades.

Please note, a brokerage is charged only if you partially or fully square off your CNC position on the same trading day (resulting in an intraday trade), and not otherwise.

To know more about intraday brokerage, click here .

You have been charged brokerage because you might have done an intraday trade using Long term(CNC) trade.

Did you know? A brokerage of ₹40 per executed order will be charged instead of ₹20 while placing an F&O order if the Zerodha account has a negative balance.