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Will Zerodha reduce brokerage if the trading volumes are high?

Zerodha cannot provide multiple brokerage structures based on trading volumes due to operational constraints at its scale. Therefore, the charges remain the same for all clients. Zerodha's choice to keep brokerage rates unchanged is based on the fundamental nature of the brokerage industry and its reliance on how the market performs and how unpredictable it is.

Even though brokerages can seem like they make a lot of money when the market is doing great, this is not always true. Zerodha knows that how well they do is connected to how the market moves, and this connection is quite strong. Zerodha acknowledges that its business performance is closely tied to the market's movements and volatility, characterized by a high beta i.e. risk factor. To learn the brokerage charges, see What are the brokerage charges for resident individual accounts at Zerodha?