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What are call and trade (auto square off) charges?

Call and trade charges are applicable when you place buy or/and sell orders by calling us, if you don’t square off your intraday positions, or if our risk management team squares off your positions for unavailability of margins. Click here to know more.

In cases where your position has been auto squared off by our team, it is considered as call and trade, and you will be charged Rs 50 + 18% GST per order even if you haven't called Zerodha to place orders. Click here to know more.

All Intraday positions that you initiate using MIS or CO product during the day must be squared off within the day before the market closes. The timings for closing MIS is as follows -

1) Equity - 3:20 PM

2) Equity F&O - 3:25 PM

3) CDS - 4:45 PM

4) MCX - 25 minutes before the close

If in case you are unable to close the open MIS position before the specified time, then these positions will be closed by our Risk management team and will be considered as a 'call and trade' (auto square off) trade. Our RMS team can also square off your positions due to the unavailability of margin required for the MIS position.

In such cases, you will be charged Rs 50 + 18% GST - apart from the brokerage for the trade, as call and trade (auto square off) charges.


  1. We can change the square off timings in rare circumstances at our RMS discretion, and the same will be updated in our Bulletin . We request you to square off your positions as there are situations when your MIS positions couldn’t be auto squared off.
  2. There is an order limit of 30,000 units to be placed in a single order while the position is auto squared off. If you have 60,000 units and you haven’t squared off your positions, then the order will be auto squared off in 2 executed orders, i.e. 30,000 units each and the brokerage and call and trade charges will be applicable based on 2 executed orders in this scenario. To avoid this, we request you to square off your position before the square off timings.