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How do I convert my NRO-PIS account to NRO-NON PIS account?

To convert your NRO-PIS account to an NRO-NON PIS account the following documents are required:

  1. Account Modification form - add the existing details from ‘NRO-PIS account` to new details as `NRO-NON PIS` and sign in the first holder box.

2. Tariff sheet - Signature in the given box.

Create a ticket below and attach the signed copy of the forms.


*Please don't initiate any transactions until we confirm the process has been completed. The process of changing the account status could take around 5-6 working days.

*We request you to kindly check the holdings and update the buy averages if you have any discrepancies. Please check this article to know how to update the buy averages.

*After the conversion, there is no requirement to hold the PIS bank account, you may instruct the bank to close the same.

*Trading experience will be similar to that of a standard resident account. You'll be able to transfer funds directly and trade.

*The brokerage for NON-PIS accounts is 0.5% or Rs 100/- per executed order (whichever is lower).