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Why is the buy average for some shares shown as N/A?

The Buy average would show as N/A when shares are transferred from other demat accounts to Zerodha demat account. 

In this case, you will need to manually add the price at which you acquired the shares.

To do this, go to Portfolio > Holdings on Console.

You will get a three-dot button by hovering your mouse pointer on the holding symbol. Click on the button and select “View discrepancy”. 

In the page which opens up, you can see all your discrepant holdings for which the buy average is shown as NA. Select the stock, by clicking on the quantity. Then click on 'Add trade'

Select the date on which you received that particular security. 

Enter the price at which you received the security and the quantity and then select the type of discrepancy. Once you do, click on 'Add' and the buy average will be queued for recalculation. Once you do, the buy average will be calculated as per the price you entered and it can be seen in the holdings table.

In case you want to edit or delete a trade you've added, hover your mouse over pending and you will see an 'Options' button. Click on it to either Edit trade or delete it. You can only edit or delete while the status is still 'Pending'. Once the recalculation is complete you will not be able to edit or delete the entry and your buy average will be permanently set. So, please be careful when entering the price and quantity. 

1. The average price for your holdings will be calculated based on the First In First Out (FIFO) principle after considering the discrepant entry you've made.
2. You need not enter the prices of stocks that are purchased through your Zerodha account and have gone discrepant due to a corporate action. Corporate action adjustments are made from the backend and the average prices will be updated automatically.