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How to apply for Bharat Highways Invit (BHINVIT) IPO?

For a video walkthrough on how to apply for an IPO, see How to apply for IPOs on Kite?

The process of applying for BHINVIT IPO is the same as any other IPO. To learn how, see How to apply for an IPO, and how to stay informed of new ones? However, unlike normal IPOs, the BHINVIT IPO has only Institutional and Non-Institutional Investor categories. This means that once the IPO is applied for, the IPO application cannot be deleted.

The bids cannot be revised downwards, only upwards. For example, an application of ₹3 lakhs can be modified to ₹4 lakhs but cannot be reduced to ₹2.5 lakhs. Clients applying for BHINVIT will face the same restrictions as those in the HNI category.

To learn more about HNI category, see Can an IPO be applied for in the HNI category?