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How much time does it take to receive the mandate request on the UPI App?

Once you place your bid, we submit it on the exchange. The exchange then sends the bid to your bank via NPCI so that you can get the mandate request on your UPI app. Here's a representation of how the application flow works:

The mandate request is generally received in real-time. Sometimes it may take up to the end of the day and the UPI payment status may not get updated on Console. If your funds are blocked in your bank against a valid application, the RTA will consider your bid for allotment.

Please check the following before re-submitting your bid:

  1. Did you enter the correct UPI ID?
  2. Is your UPI app updated to the latest available version?
  3. Do your UPI app and bank support IPO bids? - Check here.
  4. Have you received the mandate request on your UPI app but didn't get a notification? - Click here.

In case you are unable to accept the mandate request or have not received the mandate request even after an hour of successful submission of your application, you can delete and re-submit the application. 

You can only delete your IPO application between 12 pm and 4:30 pm during the issue window.