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How to refer friends and family members, is there any referral bonus?

Zerodha users can refer friends and family members to open an account with Zerodha to get the referral benefits. Clients can earn the brokerage of 10 % and 300 reward points for every referred customer that opens an account. These reward points can be used to get the waiver for AMC and also to subscribe to Zerodha’s paid products such as Streak, Sensibull, smallcase, and LearnApp. See What can I do with the reward points earned through referral?

How to refer?

Create an affiliate link by visiting or use the invite friends option from the Kite profile to share it with friends, family members, or any social media platform. Alternatively, clients can enter their friend’s name, mobile number and email address from Console by visiting and track their account opening status

How it works.

Referral details are registered based on the initial sign up link on Zerodha’s website for new clients. Once the referral is registered through the affiliate link, the status can be viewed on . If the client details are already registered in Zerodha’s database through a direct visit or another source, they will not get overwritten, which means that it won’t be accepted as a referral. The account should be opened within 60 days from the date of initial sign up to get referral benefits.

To know about the terms and conditions of the referral incentive scheme policy, visit

Did you know? Family members can also be added to the Zerodha account using the sub-account feature. See How to add family members to a Zerodha account?