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How do I refer my friends and family, is there any referral bonus?

You can refer your friends or family members from the Rewards and referrals page on Console . Enter the name, Email ID and mobile number of the person you are referring and one of our sales managers will contact and help the person with account opening.

You can refer your friends and family to Zerodha. Both you and the people that you have referred will earn 300 Zerodha reward points when they open an account.

These reward points can be used to subscribe to our paid products (Streak, Sensibull, Smallcase, and LearnApp). Along with the current rewards program, you will now earn 10% of the brokerage paid by anyone you referred from Jan 1st, 2020.


1) The referral (a person that you have referred) will have to open the account within 60 days for you to be eligible for the rewards.

2) The minimum payout under the brokerage sharing program has to be Rs.1000, and a minimum of at least 5 referrals are needed for you to be able to withdraw your referral earnings.

We have started to process withdrawal requests for this referral bonus from April 1, 2020. You can read the terms & conditions to participate in the referral program here .