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How do I refer Zerodha to my friends and family?

You can refer your friends and family from the Rewards and referrals page on Console. Enter the name, Email ID and mobile number of the person you are referring and submit. One of our sales managers will contact and assist the person with the account opening.

Alternatively, you may generate a referral link here by entering your client ID and selecting the page you want to direct your referral to:

The referral will have to open the account within 60 days for you to be eligible for the rewards. Along with the current rewards program, you will now earn 10% of the brokerage paid by anyone you referred from Jan 1st, 2020.

Note: Mapping will only be considered to introducer/referrer having a prospect sign up and register initially. If the client is already registered and then later uses an introducer/referrer's affiliate link to complete the account opening process, this new account will not be mapped to the referrer.