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What can I do with the reward points earned through referral?

The reward points earned through referrals can be used to gain access to our ecosystem of trading and investing platforms like smallcase, Learnapp, tickertape, streak, sensibull, Quicko etc. Check the rewards page on Console to know the number of points required to subscribe to the platform you are interested in.

You can use the reward points to gain access to our partner products that are mentioned below.

  1. Quicko - You can file your ITR with a simple Do-It-Yourself process.
  2. smallcase - Invest in baskets of stocks or ETFs that reflect ideas or strategies you believe in. Invest in All-Weather Investing smallcase, Smart Beta smallcase or purchase one smallcase for free.
  3. Learnapp - Get a discount on a 12-month LearnApp subscription.
  4. tickertape - Get 6 months or 1 year tickertape pro subscription.
  5. Streak - Get a 1-month Streak Ultimate or Premium subscription.
  6. Sensibull - Get a 1-month Sensibull Pro or Lite subscription.

You can also use the reward points to get a waiver of your Demat account Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC). Currently, the waiver for one year of AMC is 1000 points.


1. You can enter a friend’s contact details or copy the referral link and share it on social media, WhatsApp, email, etc. If your friends click on the affiliate link and open an account with us, you will receive 300 points. You can find your referral link in Console under Rewards and referrals. Explained in the GIF below.

2. The person you have referred will have to open the account within 60 days to be eligible for the rewards.

3. You need to have the required reward points to redeem them for the services mentioned above.

4. After you confirm and redeem the referral points, it cannot be revoked, or points cannot be refunded back to your account.