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How to complete SIP payments on Coin app?

To make SIP payments on Coin app, visit the Pending payments page . This page displays the SIP orders that have been placed for which the payments are yet to be made. To make payments for SIPs, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Account.
  2. Tap on Payments.
  3. Tap on Pending from the drop down.
  4. Tap on Pay now from the list of pending payments or tap on Bulk pay to pay for all the pending payments at once.
  5. Check the details and select the payment mode - UPI or Netbanking.
  6. Tap on Continue.

The status of the order can be checked from the order history. A confirmation will be sent to the registered email ID once the order is placed successfully. To know more about transferring funds for pending purchase orders on Coin, see How to transfer funds for pending purchase orders on Coin?

Did you know?
  • Funds for mutual fund purchases can be added through the primary or secondary bank accounts linked with Zerodha. However, funds from the secondary bank account can only be added through NEFT or mandates. The amount from mutual fund redemptions is credited only to the primary bank account.
  • To ensure that a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) starts within the current month, it must be set up at least 2 days prior to the preferred execution date. For example, if the client wants the SIP to execute on the 5th of each month, they need to set it up on or before the 3rd of the current month. If the SIP is set up on the 4th with an execution date of the 5th, it will start from the next month.