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What is an AMC SIP and how to place them on Coin web?

An AMC SIP is set up directly with the Asset Management Company (AMC) using Coin as the interface. To place an AMC SIP, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the fund and click on SIP.
  2. Click on the check box for AMC SIP.
  3. Enter the Instalment Amount.
  4. Enter the Frequency and Date.
  5. Click on Create SIP and Confirm.

Did you know? To ensure that a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) starts within the current month, it must be set up at least 2 days prior to the preferred execution date. For example, if the client wants the SIP to execute on the 5th of each month, they need to set it up on or before the 3rd of the current month. If the SIP is set up on the 4th with an execution date of the 5th, it will start from the next month.

When an AMC SIP is created, BSE sends an e-mail to the registered email ID, mentioning the successful registration and the SIP registration number.

See What is the cut-off time for mutual fund transactions on Coin? to know the applicable NAV on the orders and How to complete SIP payments on Coin web? to know how to complete SIP payments on Coin.

In an AMC SIP, the minimum investment amount is decided by the AMC. An AMC SIP cannot be modified, paused or stepped up since the AMC SIP is not created internally in Zerodha’s system. AMC SIPs must be deleted or cancelled atleast 2 days prior to the SIPs next instalment date. To know how to delete or cancel SIPs, see How to delete mutual fund SIPs?