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How to complete SIP payments on Coin web?

To make SIP payments on Coin, visit the Pending payments page. The pending payments page on Coin displays the SIP orders that have been placed for which the payments are yet to be made. To make payments for SIPs, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Account.
  2. Click on Pending.

3. All the pending payments will be displayed. Payments for up to 10 orders per transaction can be made by clicking on Bulk pay. Bulk payments can only be made for Coin SIP and lumpsum orders, not AMC SIPs. Payments for AMC SIPs can be made by clicking on Pay now individually.

4. Click on Pay now.

5. Click on Confirm.

6. Complete the payment.

An email notification will be sent once the payment is successful. To know more about transferring funds for pending purchase orders on Coin, see How to transfer funds for pending purchase orders on Coin?

Did you know?

  • Zerodha SIPs are triggered on T-1 day at 5:00 PM and can be modified only before this time. AMC SIPs are triggered on T day at 8:00 AM and cannot be modified.
  • Orders for AMC SIP are deleted after 5 business days and for Zerodha SIP after 5 calendar days.