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How do I redeem my mutual fund units on Coin?

The cut-off time for redemption requests has changed.

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To redeem a fund, log in to Coin & under the portfolio header you can see all the funds you’ve invested in. Select the fund you want to redeem & click on the Redeem Button.

Specify the number of units & click on the redeem button to place your request.

The settlement period i.e. time for the money to get transferred to your trading account will be mentioned for each fund in the redemption window.

Note :

  1. All orders are sent to the exchange at the cut-off time on trading days. If you have placed an order after the cut-off time, your order will be sent to the exchange for execution the next working day. You can learn more about the cut-off timing here .
  2. The money after the redemption settlement will be added to your trading account around 11 AM on T+X day (depending on the fund).
  3. Please ensure to maintain sufficient funds in your Zerodha trading account before 11 AM for the SIP orders on the SIP due date. The SIP orders can also be deleted before 11 AM (AMC SIP orders cannot be deleted).