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How do I move, transfer my existing mutual fund investments to coin?

If you have purchased the funds in DEMAT mode the transfer process is straightforward, in this case, ask your other broker to give you a DIS slip.

In the DIS, mention the units you wish to transfer, mention your Zerodha DEMAT account number and submit it back to the broker. Within 24 hours, the units get transferred. You can find your Zerodha DP ID Beneficiary ID in Console under Profile.

Note: Also, once, the units are reflecting in your DEMAT account, then raise a ticket below and enter the details in the format mentioned below :

  1. Name of scheme and units :
  2. Folio no. :
  3. Average Purchase NAV/ Total Investment Amount:
If your Mutual fund investments are not in DEMAT form then you will have to de-materialize it to move it to Coin. Click here to know how.

If you have invested in regular mutual funds - DEMAT or physical form, the best option is to exit those funds and repurchase it again on Coin, instead of dematerializing your regular mutual fund investments.