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What is the CMR copy and where can I get it?

Client Master report (CMR) is a certificate with details of your DEMAT account with your information such as name, address, DOB, bank account, nominations etc.

This is useful in mapping the DEMAT accounts with trading accounts & also for off-market transfer of shares.

You can select 'Zerodha CMR copy' here and the same will be sent to your registered e-mail. 


1. Digitally signed CMR copy is valid at the time of transmission of securities and for shifting/closure of a DEMAT.
2. In case the digitally signed Client Master Report (CMR) is not accepted by the other broker you can request for the physically signed/stamped CMR, you can raise a ticket below and mention your registered address. We will dispatch the hard copy of the stamped CMR.
3. The first hard copy is free of cost. From the 2nd issue onward you will be charged Rs 20 (CMR) + Rs 100 (Courier) + GST (18%)