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How to fill a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)?

To fill the DIS, follow the instructions in the image below:

  1. First/Sole Holder’s Name: Specify the name of the account holder as mentioned in the demat account.
  2. Client ID: Specify the 8 digit BO ID. To know the BO ID, see What is my DP name, DP ID, BO ID, and demat ID?.
  3. DP ID: Enter the last digit of the DP ID, either 0 or 1. Visit to know the last digit.
  4. ISIN: Specify the ISIN of security to be transferred as per the transaction statement. To find the transaction statement, see Will Zerodha send me holding statements for my investments?
    * Maximum of 5 securities (ISIN's) can be transferred per DIS. Use the DIS Annexure form (PDF) to transfer more than 5 securities.
    * To transfer securities to multiple accounts, use separate DIS for each account.
  5. Security Name: Name of security to be transferred.
  6. Quantity in Figures: Specify the quantity in numbers.
  7. Quantity in Words: Specify the quantity in words.
  8. To be kept blank.
  9. No of Annexures (if any): Mention the number of DIS Annexures (PDF) attached to the slip in case more than 5 securities are being transferred.
  10. Bank details if it is an off-market sale of security. If it is not an off-market sale of security, the field can be left blank.
  11. Off Market Trade: While making an off-market transfer, specify the counter DP details, i.e., the DP details to whom the securities are being transferred.
    *Tick the depository option, CDSL or NSDL.
    *Counter DP ID, Client ID details, and BO name (account holder's name).
    *Tick the settlement details as BO-BO.
  12. If the securities that are being transferred aren’t listed or don’t trade on the exchanges, leave this field blank.
  13. To be kept blank: Zerodha will fill in the date after the DIS is executed.
  14. Signature box: The account holder's signature must be affixed as per the signature recorded in the Zerodha demat account. To check the signature as per Zerodha records, see Where can I check the documents that I submitted while opening an account?