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What is a CMR copy and where can I get it?

A Client Master Report (CMR) is a digitally signed PDF certificate issued by a broker to a client with the details of their demat account such as demat ID, date of birth, bank details, nomination details etc.

CMR copy is used to transfer stocks 1 in a demat account from one broker to another. See How do I transfer my shares from another demat account held with another broker to my demat account held with Zerodha?

How do I get my CMR copy?

To get your CMR copy, visit and follow the onscreen instructions, at the end of which, your CMR will be instantly emailed to you.


1 Digitally signed CMR is as good as physical CMR if your depository participant insists on the CMR for transferring of securities (both offmarket or online transfer) or shifting/closing of a demat account. See NSDL regulation ( PDF ) and CDSL regulation ( PDF ).

To transfer shares via closure cum transfer from the previous broker to Zerodha, submit the closure form and Zerodha CMR copy to your previous broker.