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Why was an email with the updated Client Master Report (CMR) sent by Zerodha?

An email with the updated CMR is sent for the following reasons:

  • A new demat account was opened with Zerodha.
  • Account details were recently modified, such as a name change, address change, mobile number change, email change, updating income details or any other change in the demat account.
  • The demat account was converted to BSDA or NON-BSDA. See What is a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) and how can one be opened at Zerodha?
  • As per the SEBI circular (PDF) the updated CMR is emailed whenever a demat account is mapped or unmapped from a trading account.

Did you know? The validity of the updated CMR link is mentioned in the email. To learn how to get the CMR, see What is Client Master Report (CMR), and how to get it?