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Why did I receive an email from Zerodha with my updated CMR?

You may receive an email from Zerodha with your updated CMR if you have:

  1. Opened a new demat account at Zerodha.
  2. Placed a request for an account modification (name change, address change, etc).
  3. Trading code mapped to Demat account- SEBI through this circular mandated DPs & Exchanges to map trading codes to the demat accounts on the basis of PAN to detect misuse of client securities. Whenever your demat account gets mapped to a trading ID you hold with Zerodha or with any other broker, the systems identify it as a change which is why the CMR is sent. The change is only a backend change with respect to the mapping and no personal details of yours would be changed.
The updated CMR link is valid for 48 hours to be downloaded.