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Why is the current mutual fund value on Console based on the T-2 days NAV?

The current mutual fund value on Console is based on the T-2 days NAV for the following reasons:

For most Mutual Fund schemes, the NAV (Net Asset Value) is officially declared by the AMC at the end of the trading day, usually around 11 PM. This information is then transmitted to AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India), which updates its data by midnight or sometimes as late as 3-4 AM on the following day, which we refer to as T+1 day. For different types of schemes:

  • For Equity Schemes, the NAV is announced by 9 PM on the same trading day (T-day).
  • For Liquid Schemes, the NAV is announced by 11 PM on T-day.
  • For schemes with international assets, the NAV is announced by 12 PM on T+1 day.

Additionally, for international schemes, a report known as the Bhav copy, containing daily trading data for Mutual Funds, is generated by T+1 day at 3 PM. Console uses this Bhav copy to calculate the Mutual Fund Profit and Loss (P&L) on the evening of T+1 day. As a result, by T+2 day, the information displayed on Console accurately represents the Mutual Fund's value as of T-day. This approach ensures that clients receive the most precise and up-to-date representation of their holdings. The holdings data for mutual funds as per T-1 days NAV can be tracked on Coin.