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Why did the Coin mandate registration fail?

The mandate registration may fail due to the following reasons:

  • Intermittent issue, Process not completed, Issue at bank's end: Intermittent issues on the bank or NPCI page can cause the mandate registration to fail. In such cases, clients are requested to retry the registration process. Digio disables certain banks from mandate registration, and if mandates are created from such banks, the registration will fail. The list of disabled banks may change over time.
  • Authentication failure: The mandate registration may fail if the authentication using net banking or debit card is not successful. Failure can also occur if the authentication window is closed before credentials have been entered or if incorrect credentials are entered. Zerodha will not know the specific reason for the failure; only the banks will.

Did you know? If the mandate registration has failed, it cannot be tracked on the mandate page, as it will be removed.