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How to apply for an IPO, and how to stay informed of new ones?

An IPO application can be submitted through Zerodha from Kite web or Kite app using any UPI application. Visit to know the supported UPI apps. There are no charges to apply for an IPO through Zerodha.

Kite app

To apply for an IPO from Kite app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Bids.
  2. Tap on IPO.
  3. Select the IPO from the ongoing list of IPOs and tap on Apply.
  4. Tap on Apply again and enter the UPI ID.
  5. Enter or edit the Quantity and the Price.
  6. Tap on the undertaking tick box and swipe the Submit button.
  7. Accept the mandate on the UPI app.

Kite web

To apply for an IPO, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to
    2. Click on Bids.
    3. Click on IPO.
    4. Click on Apply.
    5. Select investor type.
    6. Enter the UPI ID.
    7. Enter the Qty and Price. The quantity should be a multiple of the lot size, and the price entered should be within the issue price range.
    8. Click on the undertaking checkbox and click on Submit.
    9. Accept the mandate on the UPI app. The UPI mandate can be accepted until 5 PM on the closing day of the IPO.

The exchange will send an SMS confirming the application by the end of the day. The bid details can be verified one day after applying for the IPO by visiting

The bank account mapped to the UPI ID should be of the person applying for the IPO. The IPO application will get rejected if a different UPI ID is used. Visit for other IPO-related queries.

Did you know?

  • IPO orders can only be placed between the offer start and the close date. Orders placed from 10 AM to 4:30 PM will receive the mandate the same day. Orders placed after 4:30 PM will receive it the next day. To learn more about IPO order placement, see When can IPO orders be placed on Zerodha?
  • IPO can be applied if the account is marked as dormant. However, stocks cannot be sold until the account is reactivated. To learn more, see How to reactivate the Zerodha account?

Up to 3 bids can be placed in the IPO application. Each bid needs to be within the price range, and the quantity should be a multiple of the lot size. The amount blocked would be the highest among the 3 bids.

Example Scenario

The price range of an IPO is between ₹100 and ₹105. The three bids can be as follows:

Bid Number of shares Price Amount Required
Bid 1 10 102 ₹1,020
Bid 2 150 ₹101 ₹15,150
Bid 3 50 Cut off(₹105) ₹5,250

The table below explains the eligible bid for various issue prices:

Issue Price Eligible Bid
₹103 or higher Bid 3
₹102 Bid 3 (larger quantity between bids 1 and 3)
₹100 Bid 2 (largest quantity among bids 1,2, and 3)

The amount blocked for the IPO would be ₹15,150, which is the highest of all three bids.

Visit to check upcoming IPOs.