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Are Good Till Triggered (GTT) orders available for futures and options (F&O) contracts?

Yes, GTT orders are available for F&O contracts. Since F&O contracts, unlike stocks, have an expiry date, here are a few things to remember:

  • Placing a GTT order for a contract that is not allowed for trading by Zerodha will be rejected when it is triggered.
  • The client is advised to check for any pending GTTs for an instrument before placing another order.
  • GTTs for a contract are valid only until expiry. The GTT will expire when the contract expires.
  • GTTs for equity F&O contracts may be cancelled if a corporate action directly affects the lot size or price.
  • Stock F&O contracts come with compulsory physical delivery. So if a GTT leads to a position in a stock F&O contract, the client may end up with a physical delivery obligation if the contract expires. Here, the client has to either give or take delivery of the shares.
  • If a GTT closes one side of a hedged position, the margin requirement for the overall portfolio may go up. In such cases, Zerodha can square off the position at any time.
  • GTTs for index F&O contracts are cancelled any time there is a change in the lot size for the contract.

Did you know?

  • GTT orders aren’t available for the Currency and Commodity segment.
  • GTT is completely free, and it has no additional charges.