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Are Good Till Triggered (GTT) orders available for futures and options (F&O) contracts?

Yes, GTT orders are available for F&O contracts. Since F&O contracts have an expiry unlike stocks, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using GTTs for F&O.

  1. The price you've set for the GTT may be outside of the execution range for F&O contracts. In such cases, the order will get rejected due to this reason. You are required to cover any costs arising out of such cancellation.
  2. If you place a GTT for a contract that isn't allowed for trading by Zerodha, the order will get rejected when it is triggered.
  3. The onus to check for any pending GTTs for a scrip before placing another order is on you.
  4. GTTs for a contract are only valid until expiry. If you have a GTT for a contract that expires, the GTT will also expire.
  5. GTTs for stock F&O contracts may be cancelled if a corporate action directly affects the lot size or price.
  6. Stock F&O contracts come with compulsory physical delivery. So if you have a GTT that leads to a position in a stock F&O contract, you may end up with a physical delivery obligation in case the contract expires. In such cases, you will have to give or take delivery of the stocks.
  7. If a GTT closes one side of a hedged position, the margin requirement for your portfolio may go up. In such cases, our risk management team can square off the position at any time.
  8. GTTs for index F&O contracts are cancelled any time there is a change in the lot size for the contract.


  1. GTT orders aren’t available for the Currency and Commodity segment.
  2. GTT is completely free and there are no additional charges for using it.