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How to open an Orbis custodial account to trade restricted Nifty and Bank Nifty option strike prices?

To open an Orbis custodial account, create a ticket. Zerodha has partnered with Orbis Financial, a SEBI-registered custodian, to trade in restricted nifty and bank nifty option strike prices. To learn why certain strike prices cannot be traded, see Why are orders not allowed for certain nifty and bank nifty option strike prices?

After opening the account, clients must transfer funds to Orbis instead of Zerodha to trade. Orbis will settle the trades with the Clearing Corporation (CC).

Clients can continue using Kite, but the following limitations apply:

  • By default, only index, stock F&O and commodity trades are allowed. Currently, trades are not allowed In BFO. Clients with an active CP code can create a ticket to enable the equity segment. Clients must e-sign the equity agreement, which includes the POA. The segments are enabled within 48 working hours of e-signing. Even if the equity segment is enabled, the holdings cannot be pledged for collateral margin for trading. The trading charges remain the same as a regular Zerodha account. To learn more about charges, see What are the brokerage charges for resident individual accounts at Zerodha?
  • Funds up to ₹10 lakhs can be added using UPI and netbanking. To transfer funds of more than ₹10 lakhs, create a ticket.
  • The fund statement and ledger reports are not available on Console. To get these reports, create a ticket.
  • Clients with CP Codes are not allowed to take fresh equity future positions of the current month's contract two days prior to expiry due to the risk of physical delivery.
  • The trade obligations can be viewed only on the margin statement sent by Orbis and not on the contract note sent by Zerodha.
  • Withdrawal requests must be sent to Orbis and cannot be placed on Console. To learn how to place withdrawal requests, see How to place a fund withdrawal request for Orbis account?

Did you know? Clients can disable the custodian account by creating a ticket with a reason to deactivate the CP code and migrate back to the Zerodha account.