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Why are the charts of the same timeframe for the same stock not matching while comparing them with other platforms?

On the exchange, there are hundreds of transactions per second, and each one is represented by a tick. The trading or charting platform only displays one tick per second from hundreds of ticks received every second. The charts may not match because the tick points captured and plotted on charts differ from platform to platform. Even if the charts differ slightly, the overall trend is consistent across all charting platforms.

The mismatch will only be in minute and hourly candles as the exchange shares daily OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) and not minute/hourly OHLC for the day in the Bhavcopy.

Did you know?

  • The client can subscribe to the tick-by-tick data of NSE through any of the authorised data vendors to see all the ticks. Systems can also be put in NSE collocation to make the best use of this data.
  • Tick by Tick data is only helpful for high-frequency traders or arbitrage trading firms, not retail traders.