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How to save marketwatch settings in Kite?

Marketwatch settings allow sorting of marketwatch alphabetically, percentage change, LTP, and exchange. You can also select to show or hide price or percentage change and the direction of change.

Follow the below steps to save the marketwatch settings:

On Kite app

  1. To rearrange the marketwatch list , long press on any instrument, drag and rearrange, and click on Save .
  2. To sort alphabetically, change in price or by LTP . Click on the filter button near the search box, sort as per your preference and tap Yes.

On Kite web

  1. To rearrange the marketwatch list, drag and drop the scrip to the preferred position or sort by preference in the marketwatch settings.
  2. Click on Save sorted marketwatch in the marketwatch settings.

Did you know? There are 7 marketwatches available, with the option to add 100 scrips per marketwatch.