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What is the 20 market depth feature and how do I view it?

20 market depth or Level 3 data is the market depth with the best 20 bids and offers for a stock. Normally when you check the market depth for any stock, you see the best 5 bids and offers, this is also called level 2 data.

You can view 20 market depth by following the steps below.

Kite Mobile

Select the scrip > Click on Show 20 depth.

You can also access 20 market depth from the order window by clicking on the dropper icon.

Kite Web

Hover over the scrip > Market Depth > View 20 depth.

Read this post on Z-Connect to know more about 20 market depth. Check out this chapter on Varsity explaining some important use cases of 20 market depth.

Note: This feature is only available for NSE scrips (Stocks and F&O contracts).