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What is the 20 market depth feature?

Zerodha is the only retail broker to offer 20 market depth or Level 3 data to its clients.

20 Market depth, also known as Level 3 data, provides detailed information about the best bids and offers for stocks at various prices and quantities. It displays the top 20 bids and offers. On the other hand, regular market depth or Level 2 data shows the best 5 bids and offers for stocks and F&O contracts at different prices and quantities.

This feature is only available for NSE stocks. To learn more about 20 market depth, see

To view 20 market depth, follow these steps:

Kite app

Tap on the stock and then on Show 20 depth.

To view 20 market depth from the order window, tap on the dropper icon as shown below:

Kite web

Hover over the stock and click on the Market Depth icon and then on View 20 depth .