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How to stay aware of and up to date with market events and announcements?

A trader or investor can keep track of the different events and changes in the financial markets in Zerodha through the following:

  1. Events section - The EVENT is highlighted beside the name of the security in the Marketwatch if there's an upcoming event. To check the upcoming event, hover over the stock, click on more and click on Fundamentals.
  2. Z-Connect (WEB) - All significant updates from Zerodha are posted on the Z-connect blog.
  3. Trading Q&A (WEB) - A free and open community-driven Q&A forum dedicated to trading and stock market topics.
  4. Pulse (WEB) - All business, finance, and market news consolidated in one place without any ads.
  5. Bulletin (WEB) - Zerodha's bulletin features key updates related to operations and trading.