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Everything you need to know to get started with your Zerodha account

How long will it take to get the login credentials?

The user ID to log in to Kite, Zerodha’s trading platform, is displayed as soon as the account opening forms are designed. The user ID is also sent to the registered email ID with the subject line Welcome to Zerodha. If the email cannot be found, click on Forgot user ID or password? to recover the Kite user ID. See, How to recover the Kite user ID?

Kite - Trading platform

Download the Kite app by Zerodha on Google Play and App Store. Or visit to start trading and investing. To get a demo of Kite, visit

Learn more about Kite by visiting Take a free course on Kite by visiting or read the user manual by visiting

Console - Reporting platform

View or download reports by visiting To learn about various reports, visit

Charges at Zerodha

Visit to see all the applicable charges while trading and investing.

How does Zerodha help a new investor or trader?

Zerodha offers multiple platforms that are aimed at financial education.

  • Varsity: One of the largest, in-depth educational resources for the stock market and financial lessons on the web and is accessible to anyone. To learn more, visit or download the app for Android and iOS. Varsity Certified is an online certification program designed to test your market knowledge and give you the confidence to start your career in capital markets. To learn more, visit
  • LearnApp: An educational platform that provides online video lessons from industry experts on investing, trading, and business. To learn more, visit
  • TradingQnA: A discussion forum about stock markets. Ask questions and seek answers to queries by visiting
  • Z-connect: A blog about trading and investing with Zerodha. All announcements, initiatives, and updates on Zerodha’s platforms and products are posted on this blog. To learn more, visit
  • Quicko: A tax-filing platform for Zerodha traders. To learn more, visit

Can IPOs be applied using Zerodha?

Yes, visit to apply for IPOs and view upcoming and closed IPOs. To learn more about IPOs, visit

How to add funds to Zerodha account?

Funds can be added online using UPI, payment gateway, NEFT/RTGS and IMPS. They can also be added using a cheque. To learn more, visit

Can mutual fund investments be made through Zerodha?

Yes, visit to invest in mutual funds.

How to contact Zerodha support?

All queries regarding Zerodha, its products, and its services are answered on the support portal. Visit Select the relevant topic and create a ticket if further assistance is required. See How do I create a ticket or raise a complaint at Zerodha? For assistance over call, dial 080 4718 1888 or 080 4718 1999. Clients are required to enter the support code to reach the support desk. See, What is a support code, and why is it required to reach Zerodha’s support desk?

Refer and Earn

Refer friends and family to earn 10% of their brokerage. See How do I refer Zerodha to my friends and family? Each successful referral earns 300 reward points, which can be used to subscribe to Zerodha's paid partner products. See What can I do with the reward points earned through referral?

Should physical documents be sent to Zerodha after the account is opened?

Physical documents are not required to be sent to Zerodha, as the account opening process is entirely online.

Will Zerodha send any documents to my address?

No, Zerodha does not send any documents unless requested. Clients can opt to receive physical or digital annual reports. To learn more, see Does Zerodha send any physical documents through mail or courier?

Does Zerodha provide tips and advice?

Zerodha does not provide tips, money management services, or advisory services. If any unsolicited advisory or stock tip via SMS, call or email was received from someone claiming to be from Zerodha, report the same by creating a ticket with the details. To learn more visit,

Does Zerodha provide a platform to help create long-term portfolios?

Yes, smallcase is a theme-based investment platform that helps build a diversified, low-cost, and long-term portfolio. To learn more, visit

Does Zerodha provide a platform for options analysis and strategy-based trading?

Yes, sensibull helps clients trade simple options strategies with limited losses. To learn more, visit

Does Zerodha provide a platform for creating and backtesting strategies?

Yes, streak helps plan and manage trades without coding. To learn more, visit