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What are the auto square-off timings for open intraday positions?

Open intraday positions are auto squared-off by our system at/after the below mentioned time for each segment:

Particular Equity/Cash Equity Derivatives Currency Derivatives Commodities
Auto square off time 3:20 PM 3:25 PM 4:45 PM 25 minutes before Close


  1. Auto square-off(Call and trade) charges of Rs 50(+GST) apply for each order squared-off by our system. It is recommended that you close your open intraday positions before the above mentioned time.
  2. Based on market volatility, intraday square off timings can change at the discretion of our risk management team. It typically starts at 3.20 PM for Equity, 3.25 PM for F&O, 4.45 PM for currency and 25 minutes before market close for commodities. You can follow this bulletin to be informed of any advances in the auto square-off timings.
  3. You will not be able to enter fresh orders for MIS/CO order types or convert your existing CNC/NRML position to MIS after the auto square off time.
  4. The onus of squaring off the position is on the client.