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What are the auto square-off timings for open intraday positions?

Open intraday positions are closed or auto-squared-off at or after the below-mentioned time:

Equity/Cash Equity/Index Derivatives Currency Derivatives Commodities
Auto square off time 3:20 PM 3:25 PM 4:45 PM 25 minutes before the close

Based on market volatility, intraday square-off timings can change at the discretion of Zerodha’s risk management team. Visit to stay updated on any changes in the auto square-off timings.
  • The onus of squaring off open intraday positions is on the client. Auto square-off charge of ₹50 + 18% GST is applied for each order squared-off by Zerodha. Hence, clients must close their open intraday positions before the square-off time.
  • Fresh orders for MIS/CO order types or converting the existing CNC/NRML position to MIS after the auto square-off time is not allowed.