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How are the values on the Kite dashboard and funds page calculated?

The image below shows the components regarding margins in the Kite dashboard - 

1 - Available balance
2 - Margins Used
3 - Account Value

Available balance - This is the Margin available in your account to place new trades. (will include premium received from shorting options and also collateral margins, payins & it also includes realized MTM and unrealized losses)

Margins used - The net funds utilized for equity intraday, F&O positional /intraday trading & delivery trades. Whenever you sell your shares, open F&O positions or if you’ve made profits intraday the margin used will be negative.

Account Value - is the closing balance of the previous day's ledger, brought forward.

6 - Total account Value
7 - Pay In
8 - SPAN
9 - Realised profit
10 - Unrealised profit
11 - Adhoc margin

Margin Available - is another term for available balance.

Pay In - When you add funds to your trading account from your bank account, this amount reflects in the ‘pay in’ column in the Kite funds page. It also gets added to ‘the margin available’ to trade.

SPAN - the SPAN margin blocked for your F&O trades (if any)

Realised profit - the amount here is the realized profit or loss (equity, F&O) and also the profit or loss of closed F&O positions on that trading day (if any)

Unrealised profits - the amount here is the unrealized MTM of your open F&O positions

Adhoc margin - Margin collected by the Stock Exchange from the members having an unduly large outstanding position or the margin levied on volatile scrips based on adhoc basis keeping in view the risk perspective.

Exposure - the exposure margin blocked for your F&O trades (if any)

Collateral - The collateral margin is the margin received against pledged stocks/ETFs after the haircut deduction.

Option premium - the total premium received from shorting/writing options.