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How are the values on the Kite dashboard and funds page calculated?

A brief description of the terms on the Kite dashboard and funds page:
  1. Available margin (Cash + Collateral) - This amount can be used to place new trades. The available margin includes the benefit of pledging collateral, the premium received from shorting options, funds added during the day, the effect of realised profits and losses, and unrealised losses.
  2. Used margin - This is the amount used towards trades during the day and will include funds used for purchasing instruments, option buying, intraday equity and F&O losses, etc. This also includes the blocked amount for open orders. This field would be negative if funds were generated by selling holdings, closing long options positions, etc.
  3. Available cash - This is the current cash balance in the account. If the available cash balance is negative, 0.05% per day or 18% p.a will be charged as interest on the debit balance.
  4. Opening balance - This is the cash available in the trading account at the beginning of the day.
  5. Payin - The funds added during the day are reflected as the payin balance.
  6. Payout - The amount that is processed for withdrawal is reflected in the payout column.
  7. SPAN - Exchanges use Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN) to calculate risk and margins for F&O portfolios.
  8. Delivery margin - This is the margin blocked while selling securities. The delivery margin also includes additional margin blocked for F&O positions due for physical delivery or MCX contracts close to expiry.
  9. Exposure - The exchanges charge the exposure margin over and above the SPAN margin to cover risks that the SPAN margin may not cover.
  10. Option premium - The total amount paid to purchase options. This value will be negative if the funds are received for shorting or writing options.
  11. Collateral (liquid funds) - This column shows the amount received from pledging Liquidbees ETFs or liquid mutual funds and can be used for trading purposes.
  12. Collateral (equity) - This column shows the amount received from pledging shares or ETFs that can be used for trading.
  13. Total collateral - This is the sum total of liquid funds and equity collateral.