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What should be done if someone missed applying for a delisting?

If someone misses applying for the delisting, they can tender the shares offline directly to the company, and the company will buy them back. Shareholders will have a one-year period from the date of unlisting to tender the shares to the company. The shares can be tendered anytime during this period, and the tender price will be fixed at the exit price set by the company.

The company registrar sends an exit application form to all shareholders, which they must fill out and submit. Shareholders must also transfer securities held in their demat account to the company's designated demat account through an off-market transfer mode. The process can be initiated through DIS by contacting the shareholder's DP. To learn more, see How to transfer shares from my Zerodha demat account to another demat account offline?

After the transfer, a counterfoil/photocopy of the depository participant instruction slip confirming the transfer of dematerialized equity shares to the Special Depository Account along with the Exit Application form should be sent by registered post to the registrar. The funds will be credited to the bank account linked to the demat account from which the transfer was made. In case the application is not received or lost, shareholders may contact the registrar for a new application form. If there are any other difficulties, the company's RTA can guide the process further.