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What are the charges for SLB transactions?

The processing charges for SLB transactions are 20% of the lending/borrowing price plus 18% GST. The lending/borrowing price can be checked on SLB bids and offers by visiting NSE website (WEB). The price under the Best Bid column shows the price at which the shares can be borrowed, and Best Offers is the price at which the shares can be lent.

Example Scenario

If 100 shares of BAJAJ-AUTO are lent at a lending price of ₹13 each, as shown in the image below, then the charges would be:

A. A processing fee of 20% is charged on the turnover (100×13=1300) =  20% of 1300 = ₹260.

B. 18% GST on the processing fee = 18% of 260 = ₹ 46.8.

Total SLB fees: A+B = ₹ 306.8.

Charges are directly debited from the Zerodha account when the shares are lent or borrowed. DP charges are also levied if the shares are lent using SLB. See What does Depository Participant (DP) charge mean?

For lender: The charges are deducted from the proceeds credited to the Zerodha account on the day shares are lent.

For borrower: The charges are debited from the Kite account on the day shares are borrowed.