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How to accept gifted stocks?

A Zerodha account is required to accept the gifted stocks. See How do I open an account online?

An email and SMS with the details of securities being gifted are sent to the receiver.



  1. Click on the link in the email or SMS.
  2. Enter the Zerodha credentials and login.
  3. Click on Accept gift.

After the gift is accepted, the sender has to authorise the transfer using CDSL TPIN. See How do I generate the CDSL TPIN required to authorise my CNC sell transactions? Once the sender approves the transfer, the stocks are transferred to the receiver's demat account and displayed under holdings. The transaction can be cancelled by the sender anytime before the stocks are transferred. To know more about the gifting process, see How do I gift stocks?

Did you know? When stocks are gifted, the average price of the holdings is automatically updated to the last available closing price of the stock on the day it was transferred.