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How do I receive stocks gifted to me?

Watch this video walkthrough on gifting stocks or check out the process below.

When someone wishes to gift stocks to you from their Zerodha account, you will receive an email and SMS notification as shown below with the name of the person gifting and the securities being gifted. You will need to have a Zerodha account to be able to claim the gift or you can open your account online easily and then claim the gift.



The procedure to claim the gift is pretty simple. You will just have to click on the link received in the email/SMS, login to Console with your Kite credentials, and accept the gift.

Once you have accepted the gift, the sender will have to authorise and transfer the securities to your account. The sender of the gift may choose to cancel the transaction anytime before the actual transfer of stocks takes place. Once the sender approves the transfer, the stocks will be transferred to your demat account and will be visible under your holdings on Kite and Console. The average price of the holdings will be automatically updated to the last available closing price of the stock on the day the stock was transferred.

If you are new to Zerodha, do check out the Kite user manual to learn more about using Kite.