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Why are the gifted securities not visible under holdings?

Gifted stocks may not be visible in the holdings for the following reasons:

  • The sender of the gift has not completed the CDSL OTP verification:
    The sender must verify the CDSL OTP
    to confirm the off-market gift transaction. If multiple stocks are being gifted, the CDSL OTP verification has to be completed for each stock. If some stocks are not transferred, in the case of gifts with multiple stocks, the sender must re-authorise the missing stocks.
  • The sender has completed the CDSL OTP verification after the cut-off time of 8 PM:
    If the OTP verification is not completed by 8 PM on the same day, the gifting process has to be reinitiated.

  • The sender is trying to gift stocks during lock-in or freeze:
    Stocks under lock-in or freeze status cannot be gifted. See What does Lock-in period mean? And How to freeze or unfreeze the stocks in the demat account?