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What is Account Maintenance Charge (AMC)?

Account Maintenance Charge (renamed from annual maintenance charge) is the charge to maintain the demat account with Zerodha.

The AMC for a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) account is charged based on the value of the holdings and is as follows:

Holding value Annual charges Quarterly charges
Up to ₹50,000 Zero charges Zero charges
₹50,001 to ₹2,00,000 ₹100 + 18% GST ₹25 + 18% GST
Above ₹2,00,000 ₹300 + 18% GST ₹75 + 18% GST

To learn more about BSDA, see What is a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) and how can one be opened at Zerodha?

The AMC for a non-BSDA account at Zerodha are as follows:

Type of account Annual charges Quarterly charges
Individual, HUF, and partnership firms ₹300 + 18% GST ₹75 + 18% GST
NRI ₹500 + 18% GST ₹125 + 18% GST
Corporates, i.e. LLPs and private & public companies ₹1,000 + 18% GST ₹250 + 18% GST
IL&FS demat (accounts opened before 15th Sep 2015) ₹400 + 18% GST ₹100 + 18% GST

AMC is charged per quarter, i.e., every 90 days starting from the account opening date, and is deducted from the Zerodha account. AMC is posted on the funds statement, and the amount can be seen by visiting

A negative balance up to ₹300 will not be displayed on Kite. However, this can be viewed on Console by visiting