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I have added funds to my PIS account, but why can’t I see it on Zerodha my trading account?

You are unable to see the funds you have added because:

  1. Funds added to your trading account are not updated in real-time. Funds update will happen at the end of the day. Please, check the following day for the funds to reflect in your trading account.
  2. Your PIS bank account may not be mapped with Zerodha, please read this article to know more.

Points to Note:

Margins: The PIS account margins will show up only during the market hours, after which it will show in the ledger balance on your ledger in Console.

Settlement cycle: The settlement for the trades happens from the bank's end. They will debit/credit the net amount of the trade from the client's PIS account.

For buy trade- The bank will debit the client's PIS account on T+1.

For sell trade - The bank will debit the broker's account on T+2 and credit the client on T+2 end of the day (EOD) or T+3 morning.