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How do I get Zerodha to empanel as a registered broker with my employer?

A lot of employers, especially companies involved in the capital markets, allow their employees to trade/invest only via the registered broker (broker designated by the company). If you are employed by one such company, you may be asked to close your account with all other stockbrokers.

If you are an existing account holder with Zerodha, and you're closing it because your employer doesn't allow you to trade/invest with us, you can contact us by creating a ticket below. We will get in touch with the compliance/HR team within your organization. We have a set procedure in place to empanel Zerodha as a preferred brokerage with companies having Employee Trading Policies within their organizations.

Suppose your employer asks you to disable specific segments like Equity, F&O or commodity and allows you to continue with the mutual funds or equity segment. In that case, you can create a ticket for disabling specific segments without closing the Zerodha account.