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How do I deactivate my account?

De-activation is an option our clients have if they intend to stop trading temporarily and resume it later. You can do this by using the Kill Switch explained here .

Note : If you are an existing account holder with Zerodha, and you're closing it because your employer doesn't allow you to trade/invest with us, click here .

De-activation implies -

  1. The trading account will be de-activated. A freeze will be applied on the demat. No credits or debits of shares/MF's can happen to the demat account.
  2. You will not have access to the trading platforms or Console.
  3. AMC and other such charges will continue to be levied on the trading ledger, if applicable.
  4. You will continue to receive periodic emails like account statements, holding statements, etc.

Offline method

To de-activate your account, download & print the ' account closure form '. Check on 'deactivate account' and fill up the rest of the form & send it to our head office . Alternatively, you can digitally sign (e-sign) the filled account closure form and submit it by creating a ticket below. The account closure form will be processed within 5-7 working days. The process of digitally e-signing is as below -

  1. Fill up the closure form - using MS Word or any other text editor
  2. Sign up/ Log in to Digio
  3. Click on Add document and upload the closure form.
  4. Click on sign icon.
  5. Enter your VID and once you do you will receive an OTP.
  6. Once you enter OTP, digital signature will be affixed to account closure form. Once the signature is affixed, you need to download it and submit it by creating a ticket below.

You can reactivate your account, by sending us a written letter (reactivation letter) along with basic KYC (PAN, Address proof).